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Latest Pool Trends

Swimming pools add refreshing options

Backyard pools first became popular after World War II due to rising salaries and the increase in lot sizes. They came in various shapes and sizes and were made from fiberglass, concrete or gunite, which is a mixture of cement, sand or crushed slag. Today the materials and options to homeowners have expanded to include such amenities as lagoon-style pools with beach-inspired entries and waterfalls, infinity or vanishing-edge pools, and exercise pools such as the Endless Pool, which can be installed inside or out. If you want to go green, you might consider a natural swimming pool, which uses stone, gravel and clay. The pool water is filtered through aquatic plants instead of chemicals. A spa is another pool staple. Often connected to the pool, the spa offers a relaxing respite with warm water, massaging water jets and even chrom0therapy, which uses colored lights to awaken your senses. Search “pools” to preview even more backyard escapes.

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