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Garden Fairyland

Tips for selecting the right statue for any landscape

Taking time to stop and smell the roses can soothe away stress from the most hectic day. Whether it be a stroll through a public park or an hour tending to a backyard flower bed, the benefits of gardens and landscapes are obvious. The flowers seem to possess the hidden power to carry us away to a whimsical, magical place where life is easier. Tucking a piece of garden statuary into the blooms of a flower or the shade of a tree is like hiding an Easter egg for a child to find with amazement. Garden statues are angelic touches of personality that pop against the rainbow of colors naturally found in any of Mother Nature’s cozy beds.

Happy hunting

While it might seem easy to visit the local garden center and select any statue for your space, experts advise developing a plan before your purchase. Here are some quick tips to remember.

Peter C. Cilio, creative director of fine garden accessories for Campania International, says the most important consideration is the overall style of your home and garden. “Whether you have an urban, contemporary or country garden, the statuary you select should be compatible with the style and feeling of your house and garden.”

Another important component of the selection process is sizing. Tres Fromme, planning and design specialist with Mesa Design Group in Dallas, suggests cutting a piece of statuary out of cardboard and placing it in different locations throughout your garden. “This will help you get a feel for where the piece looks its best. It will also give you some time to think about why you want to add an ornament to your garden setting.”

Less is more according to Fromme. “One well-suited piece will create a presence and a focal point, introducing harmony rather than chaos into the garden.”

If you are unsure on your personal garden statue style, take a look at some of the most popular categories of garden statues available.

The Angel

Angels are seen as guardians that watch over us from above. They have a protective nature and watch over the plants and flowers in the garden. While these statues come in a variety of styles, they are well suited for a traditional or shabby chic home.

The God

Mythological creatures and Greek gods are known for their magical powers and strength. While each has their own special skill, Pan is the god of shepherds and flocks, of mountains wild, hunting and rustic music. He is also seen as the god of fields, groves and wooded glens. This rendering of Pan would blend nicely into a contemporary or urban setting.

The Garden Gnome

Probably one of the most misunderstood of the garden statues, the garden gnome has been portrayed in a variety of ways—from tacky to scary. However, garden gnomes are seen as small creatures who dwell close to the Earth and care for the wildlife. Done tastefully, a garden gnome is the perfect choice for an eclectic garden.

The Child

Children bring innocence to any landscape. Having a boy or girl statue represents the birth of new plants and the growth of the garden. The style of child statues varies depending on the finish and detail on the statue. The cherub with water flowing from a shell, would be a nice element in a traditional landscape.

The Animal

Animal statues come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes—from classic to contemporary. The cat is one of the more popular animals of choice for statuary, because of its rich history. Cat statues can pay homage to their Egyptian roots, or they can be more domesticated. This cat statue would feel comfortable in a country or colonial garden.

The Savannah Bird Girl

Statue shows the variety available in statuary of children. This piece is so versatile that it would blend nicely in any garden from colonial to contemporary. First sculpted in 1936 by Sylvia Shaw Judson for a garden in Massachusetts, the Savannah Bird Girl went relatively unnoticed until a photo of one of four bronze statues cast from the original mold ended up on the cover of the best selling novel, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.


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