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Master bathroom exceeds all expectations

She’s a self-proclaimed clotheshorse and glamour queen who loves gussying up in front of the bathroom mirror. He’s a professional baseball player who trains vigorously by day and loves nothing more than a post-workout steam. • For Barbara “Baubi” and Aubrey Huff, an overhaul of their cramped Tampa bathroom was paramount, not just to accommodate their personal wish lists, but also for the sake of aesthetics. The early-90s style of the original master spa, with its gloomy brass fixtures and dim lighting, needed a modern makeover with new his and her areas, separate sinks, a surplus of mirrors and deep, wide closets. • “Sometimes you’ll have a vision of what you want for your dream bathroom but you don’t really know how to execute it,” Baubi says. “You have all these pictures from magazines and ideas to get your point across, and I’d been tossing those around in my mind.”

Wants and desires

Because the Huffs only live half the year in their Florida home (Aubrey plays for the San Francisco Giants and resides in Tampa Bay during the off-season), they craved a no-fuss transition. They sought out David Patton, a renowned custom designer for Myspace Interiors of Tampa, for his contemporary vision.

“The original bathroom in the house really didn’t function and flow for the Huffs,” Patton says. “The water was always leaking all over the floor and Baubi told me she had no room in her closet to put anything. Plus, it just didn’t look modern.”

Patton suggested converting the bathroom and master bedroom closet into one seamless entity, where husband and wife could coexist without stepping on each other’s toes. Patton camouflaged Baubi’s clothing behind rows of custom maple cabinetry with a distressed black, antique finish. A virtually infinite amount of shelving and visual opportunities display her trove of designer purses, stiletto heels, espadrilles, sandals and boots.

“The closet was by far my biggest focus because I didn’t have enough room before. I am a clotheshorse, shoe horse, purse horse—shopping and organizing my finds is my hobby,” Baubi says. “Being able to see everything displayed makes me able to choose what I want to wear each day. That makes my husband happy because it doesn’t take forever for me to get ready anymore.”

Aubrey is also happier now that he has cascading, massaging rain heads and a steam feature in his nine-foot-tall, glass-door shower, as well as Hinkley lighting and Dioro Mosaic glass tiles throughout the entire bathroom.

“We knew we wanted that kind of old-world, traditional feel, but David came in and totally transformed our bathroom into something we never thought it could look like,” Baubi says. “It actually looks like a master bath now. It was really choppy before, and now it’s so much more open and bright and we don’t have to go searching for anything.”

Old and new converge

To achieve a regal, substantive look, Patton installed vaulted beams and three-centimeter-thick Emperor dark granite countertops. The speckled, marbled black, white and grey granite has a retro vibe that hearkens back to Hollywood in the 1920s.

The Huffs opted for cabinet hardware from Top Knobs and Creations by Alno and clear Swarovski crystal accents and Rohl faucets and fixtures. The floors are topped with Capri Light travertine from Bona Pietra and the walls are adorned with a Venetian plaster finish.

“A lot of the features I came up with on the fly—like adding those vaulted beams in the ceiling, which are pretty unusual to have in a bathroom,” Patton says. “That was something I thought would look cool and we just rock and rolled with it. The Huffs were open-minded.”

Patton, who has been creating one-of-a-kind bathroom designs for 13 years, has a knack for maximizing existing square footage by elevating ceilings and filling spaces with mirrored and illuminated surfaces.

“I wouldn’t have even imagined something like putting in a chandelier and beams in my bathroom, but it really works,” Baubi says. “David closed in our shower with these big, grand glass doors, and it was those little details that really made the bathroom come together.”

Patton also emphasized the idyllic view of the canal from Tampa Bay, which can be seen through the adjacent windows while lounging in the cast iron claw foot bathtub. Baubi enjoys kicking back with her feet up in a pool of bubbles while watching birds flutter through the yard.

“My husband and I have our special, separate areas now, which I love,” she says. “His shaving stuff is not where my makeup is, and I have my own little drawers for all my stuff. Now we can relax and do our own thing while still sharing a space.”


Designers: David Patton and Katie Cassnova, Myspace Interiors; Contractor: Myspace Interiors; Cabinetry: Maple with distressed black antique finish; Lighting: Hinkley Lighting; Glass tile: Dioro Mosaic; Countertops: Emperor Dark granite; Hardware: Top Knobs, Creations by Alno; Faucets and showerhead: Rohl; Flooring and shower enclosure: Capri Light by Bona Pietra; Wallcovering: Venetian Plaster; Bathtub: Sign of the Crab, Strom Plumbing

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