The Advantages of Induction Cooking

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Induction cooking, although dated in its conception, is a newer cooking concept that is becoming more widespread in kitchens today. Using magnetic induction, as apposed to thermal conduction with a flame or heating element, this style of cooking offers several advantages over its counterparts. Induction cooking is quicker, safer and more energy efficient than both gas and electric.

Using a series of magnets, heat is transferred only to the cookware and not to the actual cooking surface. This is often demonstrated by boiling water in a pot that is placed on a paper towel on top of the induction unit. The heat is transferred to the pot through the paper towel without the paper towel bursting into flames, as it would with an electric top and obviously with a gas top. The only stipulation is that the cookware must contain iron and be magnetic.

Induction units include a smooth glass top identical to typical electric cooking appliances and are offered in various options and finishes. The most popular induction appliances are the cooktops which range in size from 15 inches to 42 inches in width. However, induction ranges are becoming more and more popular as many kitchens still have a “typical” range cooking setup, as apposed to using a cooktop and a wall oven.

As mentioned, the performance of induction is superior to both electric and gas cooking in several ways. The speed at which induction brings temperature to a cooking pan or griddle is much quicker than electric, and in a lot of units, quicker than gas. Being able to precisely maintain that temperature and then rapidly decrease it is also a significant advantage which induction has over the more common gas or electric units. The cooking surface, which is not actually ever heated, is much safer to the touch and easier to clean because food spills do not burn and adhere to the service. Also, the ease and speed at which temperatures can be decreased — and sensors on most units turning off power when cookware is removed — promote energy efficiency, as little heat is lost.

One of the more luxury models of induction cooktops is made by Thermador and named Freedom Induction. In addition to all of the above features, the Freedom Induction boasts additional features such as PowerBoost™ and the ability to use the entire cooking surface, as apposed to designated burners like most induction units. This literally means that you can cook on any part of the cooking surface. An excellent example of an induction range is made by Bosch and simply named the Benchmark Induction Range. This versatile appliance not only offers the advantages of induction stovetop cooking, but combines it with a full sized 30-inch oven and baking drawer.

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