Artful Homeowners Require Creative Remodeling Solutions

A sculpture garden in the front yard was a clear indication to Todd Schmidt that he was about to meet an artful pair of homeowners. Little did this home remodeler realize that the construction project they were going to award him would require a bit of artistry of his own.

Transom provides natural light

For over 10 years, the couple had lived in the home, a 90s era contemporary build that Schmidt immediately found to be “very tasteful, filled with plenty of clean lines and lots of artwork.”

The house was in the midst of being updated in separate stages when Schmidt made his appearance. With the kitchen’s remodel now complete, attention was about to turn to the master bathroom. A glowing recommendation from an interior designer had led the owners to invite Schmidt and his company, Renovations Unlimited, to their doorstep for that first interview.

The challenges of this prospective project were immediately apparent to Schmidt. Besides a remodel of the existing master bath, the owners were interested in creating a sizeable master closet, expanding the footprint of the adjoining master bedroom and reworking a powder bath. And the kicker? All of this needed to be done within the confines of what already was a very tight space.

Powder bath decor flows from homeowners' artistic expressionBuilding an addition was certainly not in the plan, and there was this thing about not taking any space from the existing bedroom.

Schmidt was shown a bathroom that was anchored on one end by a stand-alone tub that sat on a raised platform. Above the tub was a lone window that was responsible for all of the natural light in the room. On the opposite end of the bath was the master bedroom, which currently featured a pair of closets that were almost too small to serve any purpose.

The solution that Schmidt ultimately proposed was truly one born from an artist’s perspective, in which common things are reimagined in a new light.

Schmidt realized that by removing the little-used bathtub, that space could be walled off and converted into a sizeable master closet. This then meant, however, that he would have to replace the bathroom’s lone natural light source, which now was inconveniently located within the closet.

Master bedroom was enlarged by the removal of two closetsSimply adding another standard bathroom window wasn’t possible. Available wall space was at a premium, having been already allocated to a long double vanity and some additional much-needed cabinetry.

This was the perfect time for a little artistic inspiration.

As it turns out, Schmidt was able to imagine a window in the form of a transom that would run the length of space above the vanity mirror. LED lights installed above and below the floating vanity cabinets would also be used to supplement the vanity mirror lights and the canned ceiling fixtures. It resulted in a bright and lively space perfect for both a bath and a display space for the couple’s artwork.

Adding a walk-in shower was a priority for the remodeling projectMeanwhile, the addition of a spacious new master closet made the original pair superfluous. They subsequently were demolished during the master bedroom’s remodel, allowing their space to be folded into a now much-larger bedroom.

Schmidt credits the success of the project to the close working relationship he enjoyed with the homeowners and their decorator, Tracie McGarity. By lending her own artistry to the team, McGarity helped the couple bring a lot of design ideas and material selections to the planning process. Their close collaboration continued until the day the work was completed.

“It was a special project for us, from the initial meeting with the clients, to the day they moved into their new spaces,” Schmidt recalls. “The clients have a really nice art collection, so in the end we got to see how their furnishings and final touches helped complement the work that Renovations Unlimited had done for them.”









Dave Askam

Author: Dave Askam

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