Bringing gardening into the office


Photos by: Connie Kimsey


For those of you who love all things quirky, who stray away from the norm—and who need something to dress up their desk—this is the perfect gardening project for you! Take a look at our simple step-by-step guide on how to create a terrarium in a coffee pot.


1) The first thing that you need to do is find an appropriate container. We used a glass coffee pot purchased from a thrift store, but any container works, although we do recommend something clear so you can enjoy your hard work.


2) Next, you need to place a layer of rocks on the bottom of your coffee pot, or container. This is a necessary step because, unlike traditional flower pots, a coffee pot does not have any drainage at the bottom. When you water your creation, the rocks will catch it and it will eventually evaporate rather than simply pool at the bottom.

3) The next thing that you want to do is add a small amount of potting soil. Be careful not to overdo it, these are small containers with not a lot of excess space.

4) Once you have your soil down, add your plants. Again, keep space in mind. You might only have room for three or four, and that’s okay, they will grow eventually. For this particular pot, we used tropical plants: selaginella, rainbow moss and various ficus plants. When placing these in your pot, it is best to push them toward the outside, rather than crowd them in the middle. This will enable them to grow more freely, and as they grow, you will be able to gently lift them out of the top and trail them over the side.


5) Add moss to anywhere that you have dirt showing, it creates a more cohesive look and helps with moisture control.


6) To finish up, add a little fertilizer and a spritz of water.


All in all, this project cost us about $12.00, and is the perfect desk décor for a busy professional. The plants that we chose are extremely low maintenance and only need a light misting of water when the soil gets really dry. Just remember, no decaf for this beauty, water only.

Author: Allison Reuther

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