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Did you know that the services of a professional designer usually represent only about four percent of a total project budget? That’s a bargain, considering how designers’ expertise saves time and money and assures a more valuable, satisfying outcome. – from the National Kitchen & Bath Association

To learn why a kitchen designer can make all the difference in the world when it comes to a remodeling project, we connected with Jill Rubey, Manager of Design and Sales for The Requarth Co. in downtown Dayton, Ohio.

Housetrends: What are the advantages of using a kitchen designer – vs. a homeowner trying to go through the process alone?

Jill Rubey: Working with a kitchen designer can save a homeowner time and money. Designers have the knowledge and experience to help create a kitchen plan that balances the function with the overall look of a kitchen. It takes a lot of time for a homeowner to wade through all the information and products available for kitchen remodel and design. A kitchen designer can work with a homeowner’s wants and needs and help create a plan that works for them, and avoid costly mistakes by recommending the right products within their budget.

Housetrends: What does The Requarth Co. offer with regard to kitchen designers?

Rubey: Requarth has five designers on staff and two showroom salespeople. In addition to kitchens, our designers create spaces for bathrooms, offices, laundry rooms and other areas in the house. Our designers all have years of experience in the kitchen and bath industry. A few of them have done several kitchens for the same homeowner through the years. All are talented, and each brings their own uniqueness to the customer.

Housetrends: What is the most important factor every homeowner should consider at the start of a kitchen remodeling project – and why?

Rubey: Be realistic. Unlike television shows, kitchens are not completed in a weekend! Set a realistic time frame and budget … and trying to remodel your kitchen before an event like a graduation or wedding is just setting yourself up for disappointment. Expect that something will go wrong along the way, whether it be a damaged product, plumbing in a wall being removed, termites, etc. If a homeowner plans for the unexpected, then it is much less stressful.

Housetrends: What else should customers know about Requarth and kitchen remodeling?

Rubey: We work with customers who want to be very involved in the process and come in with all their ideas, measurements and pretty much know what they want. We just help them make their final selections and make sure it will all work in their space.

Then we have customers that are not sure what they want at all and the whole process totally overwhelms them. We take this customer step by step from beginning to end. Each type of customer is just as important and is taken care of as so.

To learn more about The Requarth Co. and their products and services, visit their website, stop in to their showroom at 47 E. Monument Ave. in Dayton or call 937-224-1141.




Mike Gennaria

Author: Mike Gennaria

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