Give Your Shower An Upgrade With Heavy Glass

Could your shower use a serious upgrade?

Many shower doors and enclosures are made from thin 3/16 inch glass, creating the need for bulky metal parts to hold the glass in place. However, there are better options available.

Natalie Skocik, the Channel Marketing Coordinator for Basco Shower Enclosures, explained that heavy glass presents a multitude of luxurious choices for consumers.

“Basco’s heavy glass is 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch in thickness,” Skocik said. “Heavy glass shower doors are an upgrade from traditional shower doors, and in the past two years, Basco even unveiled several new products in our RODA brand of premium heavy glass shower doors for customers who want a door without a lot of metal yet want more affordable value-priced, heavy glass adjustable models.”

And the advantages of heavy glass don’t end there. In addition to being sturdier and safer than thinner glass, heavy glass enclosures open up the space in a bathroom – a desired effect for most homeowners.

Skocik added that heavy glass is gaining popularity, in part due to it being available in sizes that are common for most shower openings.

“Heavy glass adjustable units are growing significantly for today’s more commonly found opening sizes between 48 inches and 60 inches in width,” she said. “These products offer the frameless clean lines and heavy glass, with some standard sizing that serves more of the value-priced market.”

If you are considering a change in your shower, Basco is a great place to get started.

“Basco brings more than 60 years of success as a leader in bathroom design, innovation and trends to every project,” Skocik said. “One of the differentiating advantages using Basco for your new shower enclosure is our ability to make semi-custom products in five days or less, giving customers more options to get what they want in a timely fashion.”

Basco is an all-inclusive operation that handles all of the shower glass removal and installation processes.

“The Basco installation services team is a full-service, start-to-finish offering that includes removing and replacing any existing structures or doors in a homeowner’s project,” Skocik said.

For more information about Basco Shower Enclosures, visit their website or call 800-452-2726.






Mike Gennaria

Author: Mike Gennaria

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  1. Shower glass thickness is indeed an important factor while making the decision.
    As you said, thickest glass may not be always ideal. Thanks for sharing.

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