Glass shower enclosures can make all the difference


This shower enclosure in the DeSteffano home from Homearama features the most frameless look possible. Proper planning and creative design allows the two 3/8” clear glass panels to appear to float on the shower surface. The fastening system is actually installed within the tile making it invisible in the shower space. The designer of this bathroom elected to leave the door space open to give an unobstructed entry into the main focal point of the room, the large welcoming shower.

SponsoredContentWhen fantasizing about the bathroom of your dreams, most people likely start with the shower. You know exactly how you want the space to look and how you want it to make you feel. The shower is the heart of the bathroom, where you reset each morning, preparing to face the day.

When the shower is bad, it can make you hate your bathroom (and your mornings), but when a shower has all of those design elements and luxuries that you dream of, a bathroom can go beyond the standard four walls and plumbing and become an oasis of relaxation.

“The shower design itself is a key driver for most bathroom remodels,” said Greg Weyman, vice president of marketing for Basco Shower Enclosures, a leading shower enclosure manufacturer. For more than 50 years Basco has been an innovative leader in the shower enclosure industry, and in that time, the company has been able to pick up on the latest trends that captivate the hearts of homeowners and problems that plague some customers after their project is complete.

basco shower door

This shower enclosure in the bathroom of the Leland Group home at Homearama features unique angles that show off the Vonse Shower Enclosure with multiple panels of 3/8” glass and Brushed Nickel framing. The artistic curves of the handle and hinges complement the high end feel of the spacious shower.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when designing their bathroom is putting off the shower enclosure decisions until the end of the project.

“The tile, hardware and fixtures are where most people start and tend to spend the majority of the budget within the shower,” Weyman said. And even though the shower is the catalyst for most bathroom renovations, the new shower enclosure itself can be the last on the list of what goes into the bathroom.

However, the shower enclosure is actually that subtle luxury that showcases those elements of personal style and interior design.

“Frameless heavy glass enclosures are a huge design trend because they give the bathroom that spacious, luxury spa-like feeling that homeowners want,” Weyman said.

To help homeowners understand their choices in shower enclosures, Basco has created a series of videos to help guide consumers into the right frame of mind for what they need to consider when choosing the shower enclosure for their new bathroom.

Here are three quick lessons from Basco we found especially useful:


  1. What factors should be a part of your choice? Basco says a good shower enclosure should look like it is a part of the home, like it was custom made to be in that specific room, not just plucked from a catalogue and placed there. Price is important, but homeowners should really be looking at the long-term value.



  1. Should you DIY or hire a professional? It depends on the type of shower enclosure you choose and how custom you want to go with it, Basco says. The more custom options and intricacies an enclosure has, the more likely it is you should utilize a factory-trained professional.



  1. Which is best: framed or frameless? The answer depends on the type of look you are going for, how thick or heavy the glass is that you want to use and the size and shape of your opening. Framed options are more forgiving in measurements and installation, but won’t give you a completely custom look like a frameless enclosure might.


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Mary Beth Reser

Author: Mary Beth Reser

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  1. One good thing with the glass shower enclosures is that they prevent any type of mold or mildew growth on them. The surfaces are too smooth and slipper and thus this discourages any growth on it.

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    • That’s right, but it doesn’t keep limescale away… Do you have any tips how to remove it or how to clean glass shower enclosures?

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  2. I like Basco’s suggestion that the shower should look like it is custom made for the home. The pictures in this article are great examples. I think that people tend to think about other fixtures in their bathroom, but think of the shower as just fitting in. If it looks like it was made specifically for that room, you will like the design of your bathroom a lot more.

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  3. These showers are beautiful! That first one is absolutely stunning! Love how large it is. The entire bathroom is gorgeous, I love the old fashioned look. Even the windows fit with the feel of the room. You did an amazing job!

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  4. Nothing beats a frameless shower enclosure. They are very beautiful and clean in their design, plus they should be easier to maintain since they do not incorporates as many joints and spaces that will require you to use extreme measures to clean and prevent the buildup of bacteria. Thanks once again for sharing this and giving us great ideas on bathroom designs.

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  5. The first picture does a good job of illustrating exactly how glass can make a bathroom look stunning. The windows and shower door both have a very elegant look. I appreciate the information about the different options, and especially about when to hire a professional. I’ve known some people who have ended up paying more to repair their DIY attempt than they ever would have paid to begin with. In other cases, you can save a lot of money by trying your own hand at things. It’s good to know the difference. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. I love the look of some of these showers. However I really like to DIY most of my work. This is difficult to do with some of these really big showers. Are there any ways that I can learn how to put in a nice shower myself?

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  7. I find that the bathroom is an important room in the house. If the day is successfully started, chances are it will continue to go well. Thank you for this article about glass shower doors. I think that this would be a nice addition to improve the quality of the room and put a person in a good mood for the day.

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  8. These shower screens are great in design. I was looking for some ideas of how to install shower screens to small sized bathrooms, this has certainly helped.

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  9. I am happy to have found this information concerning glass shower enclosures. It is good to learn that this option can enhance the quality of your bathroom. It would be nice to enjoy being in this room of the house. Something to consider would be to set a budget before starting a project like this to ensure that an extensive amount of money is not spent.

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  10. I was wondering why tempered glass would be the most popular material for a shower door. It makes sense that it would need to be protected from the hot water.

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  11. Indeed Glass Shower Doors are the heart of the bathroom. I like the post and all the answers of Basco, I agree with that glass showers be like, they were custom made to be in that specific room. I think that frameless glass shower doors give a feeling and look as it was custom made.

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  12. Incredible bathroom wall tiles…Heard the videos were very informative… I was thinking of renovating my bathroom… YOu have filled me with inspiration.

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  13. Thanks for the great ceramic tile trends. My husband agrees that we need new tile throughout our whole home. That wood-like tile is gorgeous. I want to be sure to have tile throughout the whole house, but my husband wanted wood, so this would be the perfect compromise for both of us. It’s even an added bonus that tile is the most durable flooring option on the market.

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  14. Showers are typically encased in one of two ways. A few showers utilize a curtain, which is less expensive, yet others use glass to encase the space. This glass is particularly strong, limiting the danger of splitting or breaking with ordinary wear and tear. Some glass might be encircled with metal or plastic when it is installed, however, for a world class look, frameless glass is unquestionably the approach.

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  15. My mom wants to have a new glass shower because our old one is too cloudy already and difficult to clean. It’s advised here that shower enclosures should not be decided towards the end of a project, but early on. Moreover, it will be best to ask professionals to install new glass showers when the need arises.

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  16. My parents want to fully remodel our home, and give it a modern look. It was explained here that when remodeling a home, shower enclosures should not be put off at the end of the project. Moreover, it’s highly recommended to hire professionals when wanting to have shower enclosures.

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  17. That’s why I love Housetrends most. Thanks for the informational videos. I think I should hire a professional to install a frameless shower enclosure into my bathroom. Hopefully we will meet again soon…:)

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  18. I appreciate the comparison between frameless and framed glass shower door. I like that you pointed out a door with a frame can give you more options when it comes to installation. Before I decide which is best, I think it would be a good idea to speak with a professional installer and ask for their opinion.

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