H&M Landscaping creates dream outdoor space

H&M Landscaping, an award-winning full-service landscape and landscape design company, recently completed a total overhaul of the outdoor living areas at a home in the Cleveland area.

To learn more about the details of this amazing project, we caught up with Mark Mazzurco, owner of H&M, for a Q&A.

Housetrends: What were the homeowners’ goals going into this project with H&M Landscaping?

Mazzurco: The homeowners had taken on a renovation adding to their interior and exterior living environment. They also wanted to spruce up the front landscaping and replace their driveway. They wanted to create an outdoor environment at the grade of the upper door threshold. The old patio had been six feet lower at ground level.


Housetrends: What did H&M do to accomplish those goals?

Mazzurco: H&M Landscaping redesigned their foundation landscaping, adding a waterfall and stream, a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen with built-in grill and pizza oven, a fireplace, a bluestone patio, sandstone countertops and steps, cultured stone retaining walls with sandstone caps and a pergola.


Housetrends: What was the most important piece in completing this project?

Mazzurco: The most important piece in this project was to tie the three different thresholds together – the two upper levels and the one lower level, with the lower level being in the center of the two upper levels.

Other important aspects are the quality of structures to withstand our environment in Northeastern Ohio, the beauty and value added to the property and the additional living space. The addition of the fire pit and fireplace allows for much more time enjoying the outside environment and more enjoyable dining experiences with family, friends and business associates.

The fire pit sits next to a tranquil water feature.

Housetrends: What else should we know about this project?

Mazzurco: The biggest challenge was dealing with the center lower walkout entrance and trying to create spaces that were functional but would not create a tunnel effect with the lower walkout.

Housetrends: What do the homeowners enjoy most about their new outdoor spaces?

Mazzurco: They enjoy the overall look of the new space. They commented that it feels like it has always been part of the original architecture and was not just something that was added.

To learn more about H&M Landscaping and the fantastic work their team does in Northeast Ohio, visit their website.

Mike Gennaria

Author: Mike Gennaria

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