Louisville Tile Excited about Laminam

Louisville Tile of Cincinnati is thrilled to carry a great new product from Crossville.

Laminam is a porcelain tile that can be used for many interior or exterior projects and can be applied over existing surfaces. This allows for resurfacing without removing the old tile.

Laminam by Crossville’s® porcelain tile panels are the only design solution of their kind that can skin both floors and walls in durable, enviable ceramic style, according to Crossville.

Remodeling time and costs are reduced when old tile doesn’t have to be removed and then the area doesn’t have to be prepped for the new tile.

Crossville states: These technologically advanced, aesthetically innovative panels are the largest, thinnest porcelain slabs in production anywhere in the world. This allows them to dress spaces in ways previously unthinkable in architectural design.

Laminam by Crossville® tiles are grouped into three collections: Foundations, Natural Inspirations and Urban Influence. Foundations has traditional textures, while Natural Inspirations has stone and wood influences. Urban Influence carries a city vibe.

“Each series in the collections is available in 1M x 3M,” says Crossville. “These large format porcelain tile panels bring uninterrupted, flawless beauty to space and form.”

With the collections having a total of more than 50 colors and finishes, as well as a 5.6mm thickness for interior flooring or interior or exterior walls and a 3 mm thickness for interior and exterior walls, you are sure to find a Laminam by Crossville® tile that is perfect for your project.

The finished product is fashionable, designer friendly and low maintenance.

Some of the many uses of this tile include: floor and wall coverings, partition and storage walls, false ceilings, surface finishes and restoration, surfaces of kitchen and bathroom tops, cupboards, tables, desks and doors.

For more information about this new product and Louisville Tile of Cincinnati, call 513-936-8453 or visit them at 3200 E. Kemper Rd., Cincinnati, OH, 45421.

Mike Gennaria

Author: Mike Gennaria

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