Taking Home Design To A Personal Level

Mont Surfaces, a surface materials company based in Cleveland, recently formed a partnership with Cleveland artist Susie Frazier. The goal of this partnership is to bring a more complete approach to home design, one that affects its occupants on a personal level.

Susie Frazier says she is a "creator on a spiritual journey."

Susie Frazier says she is a “creator on a spiritual journey.”


“Our partnership will help consumers recognize that their design choices directly affect how they feel when they’re inside their homes,” Frazier said.

Carol Payto, Director of Marketing for Mont, reflected on what this means for homeowners who are looking to design or remodel a space.

“Together, Mont Surfaces and Susie Frazier are collaborating around lifestyle, art, nature, natural stone and creative surface materials in a way that will inspire consumers to initiate a degree of personal renewal,” Payto said.

Frazier, who described herself as “a creator on a spiritual journey,” explained why she thinks this partnership will meet a need people are looking to fulfill.

“It’s not enough to have the same kitchen aesthetic as every neighbor on the street,” she said. “People are hungry for decor that’s reflective of their authentic selves and that comes with a story that speaks to them. Mont Surfaces has known this for a while, and with my company mission coming from the same position, we agreed to start this movement to bring some soulfulness back into the built environments of America.”

Susie Frazier looks at surface materials at the Mont showroom in Cleveland.

Susie Frazier looks at surface materials at the Mont showroom in Cleveland.

Dinesh Bafna, President of Mont Surfaces by Mont Granite, Inc., is thrilled to work with Frazier.

“Mont is very pleased to form a partnership with Susie Frazier,” Bafna said. “By combining Susie’s passion for art, nature and reclamation with Mont’s vision to blend beauty, nature and innovation, we can spark exciting new concepts and theories for reflective, integrated design.”

“I’ve spent a lot of years experimenting with natural materials to embellish the home,” Frazier added. “Mont has spent even more years perfecting it.”




Mike Gennaria

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