NARI Tour Features Home Remodel in Progress

With the Columbus NARI Home Improvement Tour about to kick off in just a few days, J.S. Brown & Company appears to be a long way from completing work on one the event’s featured homes.

The NARI Home Improvement Tour home will purposefully be in progress at showtime.

The NARI Home Improvement Tour home at 1831 Roxbury Road will purposefully be “a work in progress” at the time of the show.

One would normally suspect that this situation has all the makings of a home remodeler’s worst nightmare: a renovation project only half finished, with throngs of visitors heading to the house. Yet this custom residential remodeling company truly couldn’t be more prepared for the show’s kickoff.

It turns out that this is all part of a well-coordinated plan by J.S. Brown to provide tour-goers with the unique experience of encountering a whole-home remodel while the project is still underway.

As J.S. Brown’s Courtney Bowe explains, “The NARI show draws a lot of visitors who are looking to do their first renovation ever, so we thought it would be very valuable to show them what exactly it is they’re getting into.”

An expanded kitchen will open to a hearth room featuring a massive fireplace

An expanded kitchen will open to a hearth room containing a massive fireplace that was part of an earlier addition to the home.

According to Bowe, the popular home remodeling shows on cable television haven’t given homeowners a complete comprehension of what any given project entails. “Although most people understand you don’t go out for dinner and come back and the remodel is finished,” she explained with a laugh, “many don’t appreciate how long and invasive a remodel can be.”

It was this very situation that led the company to consider using a NARI home as the basis for a teaching opportunity. And the classroom they ultimately selected for this effort-a 1919 era Colonial Revival in the historic Arlington neighborhood-couldn’t have been more perfect for the task.

This full-house renovation spans three complete stories, involving room additions, kitchen remodeling, floor plan reconfigurations and bathroom renovations. The scale of the work underway ensures that everyone is bound to find something of interest here. That even includes those who are considering more modest remodeling projects.

Visitors should expect to encounter a little dust during the tour

Expect to encounter a little dust when visiting this NARI Home Improvement Tour home. It’s all part of the intended experience.

And luckily for everyone, we need to mention, the proud owners were willing enough to share their home’s progress with the community.

The project has seen completion of the preliminary demolition, framing and mechanical stages, with the drywall work on hold for the duration of the tour. Bowe says that plumbing, electrical and ventilation systems have purposefully been left exposed, providing a peek at all that which is normally hidden inside the walls of a home. The company also will have on display an array of photos taken before and during demolition, as well as the previous and current project’s floor plans. It’s all there to help visitors better imagine the house as it once was, and better envision what the finished product will be.

To make the learning experience complete, there will be floor protection and a bit of dust underfoot…all common elements found in a home under construction.

Kitchen rendering of J.S. Brown & Company home on the NARI Home Improvement Tour

Renderings like this one for the kitchen will be on display, allowing visitors to better envision the finished spaces.

Bowe hopes that all of this will provide visitors with a little inspiration as they look to remodel. “People don’t always realize the potential of their own home, so there is a definite need for it in this industry.” By witnessing some of the bold changes these Arlington homeowners are making, perhaps many on the tour will be encouraged to do some dreaming of their own.

But the public’s view of this NARI home will not end once this weekend’s tour is complete. Later, during the fall NARI show, visitors will be able to revisit the completed home for what will be the ultimate “before and after” experience.

SPECIAL NOTE: The NARI Home Improvement Tour will be held this upcoming Saturday and Sunday, April 29th and 30th. For tickets and complete tour details, visit












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