Remodeling Projects that Look Seamless

There’s nothing worse than a remodel that sticks out like a sore thumb – mismatched finishes, materials that just don’t go with the style of the home and a finished product that could have been done by a DIYer.

Kevin McClure of McClure Contracting in St. Petersburg, Florida, totally gets it.

“My goal is to always leave the remodel looking like it was always there, no matter what the style or era of construction,” McClure says. “It needs to be pleasing to the eye inside and out.”

A common misconception many homeowners have when it comes to remodeling is the idea that one’s inexperienced, DIY instincts can save time or money.

“Remodeling can be very time consuming and expensive, but the most expensive thing is when it is done wrong or even worse getting the tasks moving in the wrong order by an inexperienced DIYer,” McClure cautions.

McClure Contracting has remodeled projects of all kinds, and it isn’t always a breeze.

“Sometimes clients ask me to change a style so drastically it’s almost like trying to turn an apple into an orange,” McClure jokes. “One of the most challenging things is when we are using an old reclaimed material with the goal of making it look like it was always there.”

Trends like repurposed old doors, cabinetry and flooring (although beautiful touches in any home) can pose challenges to even the best remodelers around.

“Using modern power tools when we are trying to mimic materials created by hand over a 100 years ago can be just plain tough, however, not impossible,” McClure says.

At the end of the day, McClure reflects, “Challenging projects always have worked out. Sometimes we find ourselves in an impossible situation and we have to step back and solve the problem like we always do.”

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Kaitlyn Roberts

Author: Kaitlyn Roberts

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