Requarth’s Timeless Cabinetry is just that

The Requarth Co., proudly located in downtown Dayton, Ohio, has had a continuously operating mill since 1860 and been making things for more than 150 years, but it wasn’t until about two years ago that the company started manufacturing its own cabinets.

“It seemed like every day someone would ask us if we make cabinets,” said Alan Lee, Marketing and Brand Manager at The Requarth Co. “At the time we didn’t, but we found there was a need for something that was a little more custom than what you can order, and at a reasonable price.”

While Requarth carries five cabinet lines, it is their in-house line, Timeless Cabinetry, that gives them more flexibility than ever before.

“We can handle just about any design – modern, classic, shaker, painted – we can do all of those things,” Lee said. “We also don’t have to use the standard sizes that are in the catalogs. If we need to fit a 66 ¼-inch space, we can make two cabinets that are 33 1/8 that fit that space – versus sticking in two 30-inch cabinets and putting fillers on each side.”

Timeless Cabinetry also is built to last. The structure of the cabinets is completely plywood, meaning no particleboard, while dovetail joints enhance the strength of the product and it is completed with soft-close hinges.

“Our goal with Timeless Cabinets is that they aren’t just trendy; they will stand the test of time,” Lee said.

Another element to consider in Requarth’s cabinet line is a focus on green production. All of the Timeless Cabinets are made from PureBond® formaldehyde-free plywood and with solvent-free finishes.

While most cabinet lines box their product for delivery, Requarth delivers Timeless Cabinets in reusable blankets. The end result is a process that is as green as possible.

In addition to being a durable product that is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, perhaps the greatest benefit to Requarth’s customers is the personal touch of a local company.

“Customers can come down and look at the products,” Lee said. “We can pick out specific colors, not just what is manufactured in the factories, but what you actually want. We can paint the cabinets any color from the Sherwin Williams book.”

Requarth also has designers on staff, providing customers a talented person working to create a kitchen that fits them best.

“It’s very personal,” Lee said of the process with Requarth. “It really talks to our heritage and what we do.”




Mike Gennaria

Author: Mike Gennaria

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