Rockford Homes Offers The Latest Option For New Builds

Rockford HomesWhen it comes to buying a newly built home, hard-pressed buyers commonly must choose between one of two extremes. On one end of the scale are the economical production builders often associated with look-alike homes in expansive cookie-cutter communities. On the opposite end are custom builders, whose “build them from scratch, one at a time” approach is directly reflected in their much higher pricing.

Rockford HomesBut what about the wide gap that exists between those two?

Let’s just say there haven’t been many middle-range choices in the past. At least not until hybrid builders like Rockford Homes in the Columbus area began offering the best of both worlds.

According to Rae Lemley, Director of Marketing for Rockford Homes, Rockford “enjoys the advantages that a production builder has by buying (building materials) in bulk and offering lower pricing to our consumers.”

But Lemley said the similarity to production builders ends there.

“We then allow our homebuyers to personalize their homes through the large number of options offered from both the structural and design perspective,” she said.

Rockford HomesSelecting options for a new home aren’t the easiest decisions to make. The desire to have a home that best fits one’s personal lifestyle must be counterbalanced with an eye towards future resale value. And often the question is not so much what the homebuyers can afford as it is what they can’t afford to live without.

Rockford’s staff and design center coordinators are specially empowered by the company to guide their customers through this entire process.

“We are given more freedom to help buyers make small to sometimes significant changes in our floor plans,” reveals New Home Sales Consultant Deron Bender. “Through us, these buyers can now afford to make some custom changes without paying typical custom home prices.”

As it so happens, more times than not these changes involve one room in particular: the kitchen.

Rockford HomesBender reports that kitchen spaces by far are the area of the home in which buyers feel the greatest desire to customize to their individual needs. Perhaps this phenomenon reflects the growing prominence of kitchens as the heart of all home life. Or just as likely, it’s the resulting trust that buyers place in Rockford’s design coordinators to help develop the perfect kitchen for them.

However, it’s not all about the interior of the home.

To avoid the look-alike home designs that are obvious in many production-built neighborhoods, Rockford’s home plans offer multiple exterior styles and front elevation choices. Remarkably, two Rockford homes can share similar interior layouts while appearing to be completely different from the curb.

Bender suggests that along “with many more structural options offered than most builders, there are probably less design commonalities in a Rockford Homes house than just about any other production builder.”








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