When the Snow Flies, Smart Buyers Buy

Content provided by William Keach, Senior Designer for H & M Landscaping

There’s a foot of white stuff in the driveway. Drifts of snow curl around pine and spruce. The roads are edged with blackened slush. Howling winds take the shine right off your shoes.

It’s that time of year – January and February – when everyone is thinking about landscaping.



But if you are considering landscape improvements to a residence or commercial property, the dead of winter is the ideal season to contact an H&M Landscaping designer. He or she will reward you greatly for your call.

Thinking of a new patio with concrete pavers or fired brick or maybe blue stone or textured and tinted concrete? H&M designers will work with you to design the ideal patio – shape, size and top quality materials like Unilock pavers, retaining walls and fire pits. How about coming home to a complete outdoor living space using Belgard products?

Maybe a built-in gas grill with masonry walls and a granite top is on your wish list – with a wine cooler or fridge or both. H&M can prepare your drawings and pricing, and you’ll be first in line when the robins return. You’ll be grilling while the neighbors are still waiting for other contractors to come out and look at the site.

Would a fresh lawn and new plantings make the yard a pleasure to enjoy? It’s hard to imagine with all the snow covering the petunias. But where you see a polar wasteland, H&M Landscaping designers see knockout roses, dogwoods, junipers, day lilies – a full palette of low-maintenance plants.

Is there a water feature in your future? Will the soothing sounds of a fountain or koi pond or waterfall or gurgling stream ease your daily stress? Let H&M put together a bid for your new water feature or Aquascape Koi Pond that will make you gurgle with satisfaction at all the money you’ll save.

H&M Landscaping designers use DynaSCAPE and Google Sketchup, state of the art design software that produce color drawings and plans. Idea Spectrum Realtime Landscaping software produces before and after color photographs of new landscape designs. These professional design tools eliminate uncertainty, allowing the landscape consumer to easily understand the impact on their property.

H&M Landscaping services Moreland Hills, Chagrin Falls, Hunting Valley, Pepper Pike, Lakewood, Geauga County, Lake County and all the other Cleveland suburbs.

When the weather breaks in the spring, landscape designers and contractors are swamped with calls. So why wait? Shrewd landscape consumers know that when the snow flies that’s the time to buy.

Call H&M Landscaping (440-564-1157) now and jump to the front of the line.

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