Spring Into Fall with Vizmeg Landscape


With summer slowly drawing to a close, we can’t help but wonder about the upcoming season – and the home and outdoor projects it’s sure to inspire. Given their nearly endless list of services, we turned to the professionals at Vizmeg Landscape for the latest in outdoor renovations.


Largely the most aesthetically pleasing aspect of your outdoor renovations, landscaping allows homeowners to incorporate additional life nearby. Whether it be through building gardens or simply shaping the existing living elements, keeping your home full of greenery is a great way to add a fresh edge. Some of the most popular landscaping trends of 2018 include small gardens, outdoor dining embedded in the landscaping, and providing habitats for local wildlife.

Construction, Excavation, Grading

If you’re looking to change up the entire layout of your landscape, construction, excavation, or grading may be options for your outdoor space. Landscape construction typically refers to hardscaping, which includes patios, walls, fireplaces, decorative rocks and more, or the building of structures, like decks, pavilions, pergolas and gazebos. Excavation describes the removal of different landscaping, from trees and bushes to soil and rocks. Grading is the process of adjusting the slope and elevation of the land around a home or building. This is typically performed by bulldozers and other forms of heavy machinery that can easily move soil.

Seeding, Planting, Drainage, Irrigation

Some of the more detail-oriented renovations can include seeding, planting, drainage, and irrigation. Seeding and planting are similar in the sense that they revolve around growing greenery, but seeding refers to the process of planting seeds whereas planting is the process of placing actual plants into the landscape. Drainage and irrigation also are closely related. Drainage is the removal of water from land, while irrigation is the process of applying water to land.

No matter what type of outdoor renovation you choose, you’re sure to find a final result that pleasantly transforms your space. For more information about Vizmeg Landscape and their services, visit their website or call 330-686-0901.


Sydne Santo

Author: Sydne Santo

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