Today’s Top Kitchen Appliance Trends

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Modern industrial-style kitchen

Trevarrow’s new Cleveland showroom features appliances in real-life settings, including this modern industrial-style kitchen.

This well-known distributor of residential kitchen appliances has truly brought it all to the table with their vibrant new showroom space, in which the most up-to-date cooking equipment is presented in an array of modern working-kitchen settings.

To help celebrate their grand re-opening, we asked Trevarrow’s Barbara Chick to help identify the key forces driving the top trends in kitchen appliances today.


Integrated Kitchen and Living Spaces

Refrigerator drawer fronts blend in seamlessly with other cabinets

The refrigerator and freezer drawer fronts on this Sub-Zero integrated unit blend in seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen’s cabinetry.

The idea of having a separate kitchen and dining room is almost a quaint memory for most people. Modern kitchens have truly become the center stage from which all family life is conducted. In addition to handling both the cooking and dining functions, this is the space we now use for homework, entertaining, and even laundry.


Chick suggests that in order for the kitchen to fulfill its expanded role, appliances need to integrate more seamlessly into this greater space. The goal is to place the appliance in the exact spot where it is needed the most, but without it being so blatantly visible.


“We’re seeing growing interest to hide appliances behind cabinet doors or tuck them under counters and more out of sight, so as not to create visual confusion with the rest of the room.” She cites Sub-Zero as a manufacturer that’s leading this trend, having long offered refrigerators with custom cabinetry panels, as well as under counter and drawer refrigeration options.

Appliances once restricted to the kitchen are finding use in other parts of the home

Appliances that were once restricted to the kitchen are finding use in other parts of the home, like this Wolf coffee system and Sub-Zero wine storage unit.


Point-of-Use Appliances

Traditional kitchen appliances have long created ease of use problems by being permanently tethered to the kitchen. Today’s homeowners are liberating these appliances by taking them into other parts of the house for more convenient access. Wolf coffee stations are serving up the morning’s first cup from the bedroom, while Sub-Zero refrigerator drawers are dispensing kids’ on-the-go snacks from the mudroom.

Such mobility is not limited only to the home, as kitchen appliances are also heading to the great outdoors. Asko offers outdoor dishwashers which are being installed directly alongside built-in patio grills, while the new Cirrus ventilation products by Best are making man caves more “cigar friendly” with their flat ceiling-mounted design.


Downsized Lifestyles

Manufacturers are designing kitchen appliances to fit a smaller footprint

Manufacturers like Sub-Zero, Wolf and Asko are designing kitchen appliances that require a smaller footprint.

The downsizing movement continues to gain momentum as more baby boomers trade their large family-sized homes for smaller, more manageable living options. According to Chick, “Manufacturers have responded by literally fitting the bill.”

Smaller and multifunctional appliances are becoming increasingly common, as seen in Sub-Zero 24″ refrigerators, as well as Wolf’s 15″ 2-burner cooktops and 18″ wine storage units.


Countertop appliances must not only work well within a more limited space, but also need to offer more functionality than their predecessors. The Wolf Gourmet blender not only blends, but chops like a food processor and can even cook soup to perfection! The Wolf countertop convection oven, whose diminutive size causes it to be mistaken as a toaster oven, can bake food as evenly as, but faster than, any full-scale oven.





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