Universal Design: Remodels that Last

When it comes to designing hallways, doorways and staircases, a few inches can make all the difference. For those of us who have lived in one home for our entire life, suddenly feeling your own home no longer accommodates your needs can be tough.

Chuck Dawson, president of Silver Palm Custom Homes & Remodeling, located in St. Pete Beach, Florida, has firsthand experience with this dynamic.

“There is a trend for some families with several generations to live under one roof, and they should all be able to enjoy their home as comfortably and safely as possible,” says Dawson, who has developed a passion for helping others with their construction needs as it relates to Universal Design.

This trend in remodeling – designing environments usable for everyone “to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaption of specialized design,” as explained by architect Ron Mace, who founded the Center for Universal Design at North Carolina State University – is often referred to as Aging in Place or Growing in Place to describe the capabilities a client’s home can achieve.

This could mean fewer stairs or ramps between rooms on the same level of your home, upper cabinets that hang lower or feature glass doors or pull-down shelving, non-slip flooring, lever handles or pedal-controlled faucets and appliances and so much more.

“Our strategy is simple: To integrate smart building practices to the benefit of all ages and limitations of health and abilities,” says Dawson. “A client’s gratitude for listening to their concerns, addressing those needs with practical design and ultimately finding solutions to make their life more comfortable makes it all worth it.”

The building professionals at Silver Palm Custom Homes & Remodeling, which have won multiple CotY awards, can offer you the guidance you need to incorporate Universal Design principles into your next remodeling project.

For more information about Universal Design and Silver Palm Custom Homes & Remodeling, call 727-420-6693 or visit their website.

Kaitlyn Roberts

Author: Kaitlyn Roberts

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