Added luxuries

Job Site by: Architect - A. Slawter Architecture , Designer - Don Justice , Brian Shackleford

International travelers bring home treasures of the world to decorate their interior

A woodworker produced one of the most luxurious of foyer ideas by selecting a medallion and beams to anchor a Waterford chandelier.

A clever nook just around the corner from the shower keeps towels and robes dry while still allowing for them to be close at hand.

Woodworker Don Justice created a work of art with the medallion and beams that anchor the Waterford chandelier on the ceiling of the foyer.

Cherry wood was chosen for the stove as a nice stand-out piece amongst the alabaster cabinetry

This dining room design came from the owner's travel experiences. The homeowner traveled to China several times where she saw many dining rooms with red walls, when asked she was told that red symbolizes good fortune and happiness.

Glass front cabinets are the best way to show off the homeowners' extensive collection of artwork and knickknacks.

This master bedroom design comes equipped with a custom-made stand that raises and lowers the television as needed.

A bright piece of wall art depicting Portofino, Italy hangs above the white fireplace, adding a welcoming pop of color.

Double bathroom vanities keep the space from getting too cluttered and busy when both of the homeowners are trying to get ready for the day at the same time.

With chairs tucked smartly underneath, this kitchen island doubles as the homeowners' kitchen table.

The silk rug in the living room was purchased in Turkey. On the coffee table sits a rare Royal Doulton piece depicting a princess riding an elephant.

This unique kitchen floor plan makes use of a former entry hall by converting it into a galley pantry where the refrigerator and a wine cooler reside.

An informal hearth room decorated with plenty of furniture holds the spot between the kitchen and the more formal dining area.

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