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Interior designer creates cohesive balance between art and life

Jack Meanwell paintings, known for their colorful energy, are at the heart of this bright, airy living room.

The interior designer who worked on this space hung curtains on rods where they can be closed for privacy but opened to reveal the vast views of the Ohio River.

A hillside swimming pool is the perfect place to soak up this sweeping view of the nearby Ohio River.

The interior designer who worked with these homeowners designed the new rug for the entrance hall that ties the spaces together.

An original architectural element of the house, the homeowners call this magnificent window their “porthole to the river.”

This brightly colored chair, by Carter, has a twin on the other side of the fireplace. The set of them add even more energy and excitement to this living room, a space already bursting with color and life.

Viewable even from a distance, a Paul Chidlaw painting hangs over the buffet table in this dining room design.

These homeowners’ existing dining room was given a subtle makeover with striped fabric on the seat cushions.

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