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A relaxing Japanese garden design transforms a back yard

This Tea House seemingly floats in a "pond" of garden stones hand-selected from the shores of South America for their size and perfection of form.

Not only is this Moon Gate architecturally important to this type of garden, it also adds a picturesque entrance for those walking through the grounds.

This arched bridge contributes to the whimsical, Japanese-inspired garden design that these homeowners craved.

The designers who worked on this garden created a stream course feature to provide the musical sound of falling water throughout the season.

A traditional Kasuga lantern sits just inside this garden design, just past round Moon Gate that affords a view of the Torii Gate beyond.

One of the must-have garden ideas topping these homeowners' list was a ceremonial Tea House.

A Kotoji lantern is the focal point among a section of this garden that features more than 150 separate varieties of plants, including Hosta, hydrangea, iris and azalea.

A Torri gate, a structure meant to symbolize the transfer to a sacred ground, stands just inside the entrance of this garden design.

This garden includes a gracefully arched bridge, which spans the distance of a creek and offers a scenic view of the surrounding area.

The garden ideas implemented in this back yard all honor tradition and beauty. A view of the Torii Gate from behind the shoji screens of the Tea House is a perfect example of that.

A water feature spans a portion of this garden design, further enhancing the calming atmosphere.

Small stones in this garden design help to provide drainage solutions in the form of a decorative border.

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