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Backyard landscape ideas create the ultimate stay-cation destinations

A wooden pergola adds a subtle amount of cover from the elements to this patio. A nearby pool beckons to those who have become over-heated to jump in and cool off.

These homeowners wanted to transform their backyard design and introduce water to it, so they installed an old-fashioned country pond that evoked memories of one of the owner's childhood.

One of the most welcoming things for a landscape design is a garden fence propped open to admit visitors.

These homeowners wanted a backyard design reminiscent of a mountain lake resort, so they had a significant amount of boulders added.

A narrow path winds its way through this lush landscape design, a large yard filled to the brim with plant and animal life.

To take advantage of the gorgeous surrounding landscape, these homeowners placed various seating areas throughout their yard and garden.

Situated below an upper-level deck design, this hidden gem offers a casual dining area and a welcoming swing, both spectacular places to take in the view of the surrounding garden.

This custom-made boulder bar and outdoor kitchen area is a popular resting spot for guests and homeowners alike. The space comes complete with a grill, refrigerator and barstools crafted from stone.

Patches of elegant water lilies float in this back yard pond, adding a charming touch to the space.

Nestled snugly in this backyard design, this potting shed is adorable and functional. It only boasts one room, but it's more than enough space to enjoy a casual meal.

Overlooking their stunning back yard, a space peppered with pine trees, these homeowners are able to dine in privacy on their newly-constructed deck design.

Bright garden flowers and other colorful foliage cheer up this back yard design. These homeowners find that they like to walk through the area and enjoy the natural beauty that the plants provide.

Made from reclaimed lumber, the deck flooring is both low-maintenance and comfortable to walk on in bare feet.

Plush outdoor furniture cushions add a resort-like feel to this private table for two. Overhead, an umbrella adds an ample amount of shade.

Bright orange and blue chaise lounge chairs add a decent amount of fun color to this deck design. Blue-gazed ceramic pots line the perimeter and dot the inside, offering even more of the eye-pleasing color scheme.

These homeowners had a waterfall added to their backyard landscape design, all the better for making the space resemble a mountain lake resort.

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