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Italian and Spanish influences create a truly unique home design in Lutz

Ivy crawls up the walls of the entrance gates at this home, further helping to establish the old-world European home design the the owners were going for.

Between the arched windows and door, the shutters on the upper window and the detailing near the roof, these homeowners spared no detail in their home design when trying to create a European look with Spanish and Italian influences.

This master suite features two separate bathroom vanities, making this already large design even roomier and more efficient.

Nothing about this bathroom design is ordinary, from the unique arched mirror surrounded by colorful tile to the truly remarkable sink design, there is something interesting everywhere you turn.

Once bypassing the ivy-covered gates, the next thing to greet guests at this sprawling European-inspired home is an elegant tree-lined driveway, which winds its way through the lush landscape.

A very traditional painting sits at the top of the staircase, which when paired with the nearby runner rug, antique-looking desk and the elegant staircase design creates a more formal look in this space.

This home's facade proudly displays ivy-covered walls, which when paired with the arching architecture calls to mind an old-world European design.

This soothing bathroom design incorporates warm colors and easily allows someone to relax with a calming soak in the large tub.

Uniquely shaped terracotta and hand-painted inset tiles comprise the eye-catching backsplash of this kitchen area. The aged appearance of the tile ties in well with the distressed wood cabinets of the space.

The bathtub, perfectly situated in this alcove, serves as the focal point of the second floor master bathroom.

These homeowners have an incredible backyard design that starts with a deck that leads down to a pool and continues past that into a more natural tree-filled area that ends at a nearby lake.

A bright painting and an off white fireplace add a modern touch to an otherwise traditional living room design.

These homeowners included a master suite on the second floor in order to be near their children. The bedroom design features a dramatic bed frame and fireplace with an age-old chandelier dangling above it all.

This home boasts a a curved staircase, which is located in the hall, just beyond the piano in the living room.

A pair of rustic doors opens up to reveal one of the many pathways that cuts through this landscape. This charming walkway leads to a nearby garden.

This kitchen design might give off an old-world European feel, but the six-burner stainless steel Wolf range is definitely 21st century.

In addition to a formal dining room complete with chandelier and an antique table, this home also houses a very casual dining area.

With the striking chandelier and woodwork, plush couches and comfy pillows, this living room pairs traditional style with modern comfort.

With so many incredible details in this hallway's interior one isn't quite sure just where to look. The breath-taking archway? The dramatic rug? Or the gorgeous floor design? Maybe it would be best to just sit down on one of the conveniently provided chairs and take it all in for a while.

A patterned sisal rug in the living room softens the tile flooring that is seen throughout the rest of this home.

This kitchen island features impressive carvings and moldings to create a one-of-a-kind look.

A soothing Koi pond is tucked along the front facade of this home with a bench placed nearby for someone to sit back and enjoy the day.

Tall hedges and elegant doors create privacy and establish an Italian-inspired garden design.

Despite the rest of this home's formal, old-world design, this casual dining room has a modern flair with a lot of bright colors and big windows.

Wall art and photos line the entirety of this home, each still life adding it's own personality to the space.

This large bonus room serves as a secondary gathering place when the family has guests over. A cluster of comfortable furniture sits at one end for casual conversation while a small table and chairs set sits at the other.

A rustic chandelier dangles from the hand-painted wood beamed ceiling in this living room. The ceiling design was a favorite of the husband who saw it while visiting a historic building in Trento, Italy and decided to incorporate something like it in his own home.

An elaborate red area rug completes the soothing earth tone in the first floor master bedroom.

A Ralph Turturro painting hangs above the fireplace, bringing a touch of contemporary design to the richness of the living room.

One's eyes are drawn to the dramatic ceiling and ornate antique cabinet, both of which command attention in this formal dining room.

This unique staircase was built by an old-time craftsman who, for the railing, laminated strips of wood and twisted them together at the same time to the final shape required and then set aside for three month to harden and cure.

This dining room ceiling was completely made by hand the traditional way using wood frames, and hand plastered with American Clay, an unpainted plaster finish. This "green" product can be used on walls and ceilings and makes for a healthier home by mitigating the effects of dust and allergens, and it balances the humidity of the house.

This bonus room was filled with plush furniture and turned into an alternative gathering space for when the homeowners host large gatherings.

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