Birds of a feather

A home design is centered around work and fun

In an effort to enlighten the lives of artists and give them inspiration for their work, these homeowners have high hopes of starting a small retreat. Here, this charming cabin and relaxing landscape design is one of the first of its kind.

Folded paperback book craft pieces add a nostalgic touch to the walls of this home office, while exposed whitewashed rafters top it all off with a farm-fresh feel.

As a busy painter, this homeowner has little time for messes, so he implemented some great organization ideas and used old cans of paint as storage containers for his brushes.

As a bright nod to nature, birdhouses and Annabelle hydrangeas adorn this homeowner's studio and the nearby landscape design.

The remodeling ideas that went into this space were numerous, but that didn't deter the homeowner from transforming a run-down cow barn into a fabulous art studio. Out front, he proudly displays one of his vintage birdhouses.

In an effort to strive for office organization, this busy hat-maker has her supplies neatly stored in an artsy cabinet and open shelves.

A long worktable dominates this office design, offering plenty of space for this hat maker to get down to business.

As avid nature-lovers, these homeowners try to keep their landscape design as green and beautiful as possible. Here, Amy puts hydrangeas to good use in front of one of their guest cabins.

Birds (emblematic of imagination in flight) are a recurring theme at this home--birds' nests, bird prints, bird images in artwork, bird houses--here, a collection of vintage glass topped by bird nests shares a corner in the kitchen design with one of the homeowner's paintings.

In this bathroom design, the owner's paintings are "embedded" into the walls rather than hung.

This homeowner adapted an identity as a remodeler and transformed a dilapidated cow bar into a two-level workspace. The lower level serves as his space for painting, while the upper level provides a decent space for a gallery and an area to host painting classes.

This home design exudes an air of Martha's Vineyard, where the homeowner has done a lot of landscape painting.

Somber portraits of the homeowner's two children hang in this dining room, further highlighting the old-fashioned design.

A quaint tire swing sways lazily in this yard, adding to the calming design embraced by this landscape and design.

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