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The choices of high-end brand name faucets and showerheads at Crescent Baths & Kitchens seem endless.

Visit the Crescent Baths & Kitchens kitchen showroom for great inspiration for your kitchen remodel.

Crescent Baths & Kitchens can help you choose the right countertop and cabinets to suite your style.

Crescent Baths & Kitchens has design consultants on hand to help ensure you are picking the right bathroom accessories.

A view of the Crescent Baths & Kitchens bathroom showroom with tons of bathtubs, showers, hardware, and cabinetry from which to choose.

Crescent Baths & Kitchens also carries a whole array of kitchen accessories, faucets, sinks, cabinets and more.

From faucets to hardware to countertops, Crescent Baths & Kitchens has everything you need to upgrade your kitchen.

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Crescent Baths & Kitchens

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