Dazzling dining rooms

Despite our fast-paced lifestyles, dining rooms are making a comeback in home design

This homeowner created the dining room artwork herself by stretching a tablecloth with a bold, pear graphic over a canvas.

A round dining room table is a great option for a tight space with no corners to bump into. These tables are great for easy conversations, and for passing food from person to person.

A great tip to keep in mind when setting a dining room table is to give 24 inches per place setting so your guests won't bump elbows.

A truly unique light fixture hangs proudly over this dining room table, which is set with china and stemware passed down through the family.

The dining room table seats eight comfortably, so everyone can communicate at the same time. The room has square windows so the shape seems to fit the room.

When selecting dining room chairs, keep in mind that the ideal height is 18-19 inches. It is also wise to allow for 12 inches between the top of the seat and the top of the table.

When designing your dining room, make sure to leave plenty of space in between the table and the wall. A distance of 42-48 inches is preferable.

The dining room color ideas used in this space help to really make the area pop. Between the artwork seen throughout the room and the choice of paint colors, guests are given an eye-pleasing treat.

Glass doors lead from this dining area to a covered outdoor space, creating the dual benefit of a view for indoor diners and an easy trip from dinner to drinks outside.

A barrel vaulted ceiling adds interest in this combined dining and living area. A wall of windows overtakes a section of the room, offering a view of the water outside.

A patterned banquette provides a unique seating option to this dining room table. This type of design is the perfect way to mix up the ordinary, and kids love the break from sitting in a stiff dining room chair.

If your dining room table is rectangular, try mixing up the ordinary by using a rectangular chandelier.

When introducing a rug into a dining room design, it is best to measure it out in advance and visualize it with painter's tape or something similar.

When considering lighting ideas for your dining room design, remember that a chandelier should be centered over your table, not in the center of the room.

One of the more unique features in this home is a swing in the dining room. Not only is it a great conversation piece, the homeowners’ son Kingston always has something to keep him entertained—even on a rainy day.

The ceiling is an integral part of this dining room design. This formal room’s rich color scheme is seen underfoot, and overhead.

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