Windows to the soul

Windows serve as the perfect host to colorful flowers and plants

The best way to dress up windows is with a colorful planter box, but you need to keep location in mind when constructing one of these beauties, certain flowers do better in the sunlight versus the shade, and vice versa.

When fixing planter boxes on windows, make sure that they are mounted a few inches away from the home to keep moisture from damaging building materials.

These plant pots put a new take on windows boxes. Rather than adding a typical rectangular box and filling it with flowers, this home showcases a truly unique idea: adding hooks to traditional flower pots. The unexpected location of these rather pedestrian plant pots is what gives them an edge and truly makes them stand out.

When creating planter boxes, think about doing something simple. Using a single type of flower can create a uniformed look, while using just two types of flowers in two separate rows can add some dimension to the box.

When putting planter boxes together for a window, it's best to remember that the taller plants need to go in the back, and any plants that trail, or drape, should be on the outside somewhere.

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