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Job Site by: Builder - Toebben Builders , Interior designer - Henry Vittetoe , Residential designer - Mike Studer

Villa Hills home is designed to display cherished collections

The bathroom vanity in this powder room is one of several custom-designed details, including a curving mirror designed by the homeowner.

The intricate pattern of the gorgeous wrought iron stair railing complements the elegance of the dual staircase without over complicating the foyer.

The abundance of wall art and several mismatched chairs give this casual sitting room an eclectic feeling.

Smooth gray cabinetry by Kinsella is accompanied by purple accents and accessories to really make this kitchen pop and give it a creative feel.

A modern lighting fixture like this non-traditional chandelier gives this otherwise formal living room a whimsical touch while the Inglenook fireplace gives a cozy vibe.

The wall decal gives a playful vibe to the butler’s pantry, which is nestled into a nook near the kitchen and allows easy access to glassware.

A free-standing bathtub, which fills from a faucet in the ceiling, contrasts nicely with a nearby bronze statue.

This formal dining room is softened considerably with large windows and a view of the fireplace in an adjoining living room.

Windows lighten the atmosphere and open more space in this busy pastel colored conservatory.

Hardwood flooring and dark furniture make this room, which is dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt, reminiscent of an old-time gentleman’s smoking room.

Windows next to the piano bring in natural light that highlights the darkness of the piano and the light contrast of the walls.

The short stone pillars and high arched entryway façade give this stately house built by Toebben Builders a feeling of timeless elegance.

The living room is dominated by a curving yellow sofa with purple accessories, which throws off a retro vibe that complements the pop art on the wall.

The entry doors are topped with decorative glass, allowing more natural light to filter in to the foyer.

The round countertop of this basement bar, in sharp contrast to a straight-edged bar, allows for the maximum amount of communication and the low-backed stools add a unique personal touch.

Unique bathroom accessories, like this mirror with its ornate design, give the typical bathroom a touch of personality.

Modern lighting fixtures like this chandelier help to catch the light without giving the room a stuffy, formal feeling.

The country décor of this gun room reflects a subtle Western theme without being overdone with pottery that hints at Western origins and brightly woven afghans draped casually over recliner chairs.

The art deco style game room gives off a very sophisticated feel with dark wood paneling and a variety of high and low backed chairs.

The dining room chairs used in the hibachi area are upholstered in an array of cool colors that reflect the blue from the visual display across the room.

This English-themed home office boasts an antique red Japanese desk that meshes nicely with the navy cabinets and shelves designed by Sims-Lohman that make up the bookcase.

The wall decorations are simple and timeless, spicing up the room and giving it an antique feeling without making it overwhelming.

The spindly pink furniture blends in to the softness of the room while the dark tables pull all the right focus with their unusual shape.

This bedroom furniture set shrouds the whole room in elegance with its antique bedframe and lighting fixture. The décor is set to match with very neutral colors with a slight accent of a soft orange which gives the room a soft glow.

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