Landscape design goes back to nature

A unique landscape design creates a serene private retreat

The swimming pool was positioned along the side of this house rather than in the back yard so the homeowners could take advantage of the wonderful, private views that the surrounding landscape provides.

This covered patio offers an inviting sitting area and fireplace that can be used in the cooler months.

Water from the falls is pumped to this upper pond and then flows back down the stream to a larger pool area. This process helps circulate air in the water, which is healthy for the fish.

In addition to the pond and bridge, this 10-acre lot includes plenty of green space, a variety of lighting options and a fire pit.

A large outdoor dining table is located on this covered patio, offering an uninterrupted view of the back yard.

This back yard includes an outhouse with a functioning bathroom and picnic tables situated along the pond. Walking paths wind through the yard, allowing guests to enjoy the landscape.

A charming bridge stretches the length of this pond, offering safe passage from the gathering space on one side to the walking path on the other.

Similar to a public park, this back yard offers sitting areas that overlook the pond and spacious grounds.

This waterfall is made of natural sandstone boulders and rocks that were shipped in from Clarion, Pennsylvania.

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