Living the good life on Buckeye Lake

A new home blends in with its surroundings

Painted in the colors of a major university nearby, this home was intentionally designed to look older than its age—which is just a young 8 years.

Stained glass windows designed by the owner’s cousin Andrea Helf Reid of Franklin Art Glass make a statement all their own, but also provide a bit of privacy between this home and its neighbors.

Potted plants add splashes of color on steps, benches and other nooks and crannies around the house.

A powerful stained glass piece in the stairwell, also designed by Andrea Helf Reid of Franklin Art Glass, gives a nod to the gardens and natural elements that Tom and John hold dear.

An oil copy painted in 1928 by Tom’s mother of Léon Bonnat’s “Roman Girl at a Fountain,” (Metropolitan Museum, New York) hangs above a chest in the living room.

In a nook off the eating area, “San Jorge y San Nicolas Tolentino” by Andres Flores, dated, 1783, provides a dramatic focal point.

Much of the home’s furniture, including most of the pieces in this master bedroom were found nearby—new pieces from the Buckeye Lake community of Millersport and vintage from an auction house in Newark.

Homeowners John and Tom relax on the back deck, enjoying their plants and nature in general.

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