Out of the ordinary

Unusual plants to spice up a landscape

To create a more whimsical landscape design take a look at the fringe tree, also called old man's beard. The white flowers are produced in loose panicles that have the ethereal look of puffy white clouds.

The Roxanne geranium is an easy, carefree, spreading herbaceous perennial. It is topped with gorgeous, large blue flowers from early summer to fall.

Indian pink is a native perennial with a an attractive foliage topped by brilliant red trumpet-like blossoms with bright yellow tips spilling out.

This landscape design comes complete with an Amazing Grace weeping katsura, a weeping tree that turns a pale yellow in the fall and emits a burnt sugar smell as the leaves fall.

The bottlebrush buckeye is a shrub that stretches up to 12 feet in height, a great way to add a little privacy to any landscape.

The Crimson Fans mukdenia adds exciting pops of color to a landscape with fan-shaped leaves that turn bright red with green centers in the fall.

Looking to brighten up your landscape in the spring? Check out the Tangerine Beauty crossvine. It has a beautiful glossy dark green foliage and the colorful flowers appear from late April to mid-May.

The Palibin lilac is a perfect bloom for a small garden design due to the fact that it reaches just four to five feet in height.

With foot-long spiral spikes and small, white bell shaped flowers that are pleasantly fragrant, nodding ladies' tresses are a stunning addition to any landscape.

Sinonme toad lilies are pretty perennial flowers that send up mysterious, orchid-like blooms in the fall, a time when most plants have finished blooming for the season.

The lacebark pine is a pretty addition to any landscape design. Slow growing, it can eventually reach a height of fifty feet and reveals a gorgeous bark over time.

Elephant ears add a little something extra to a garden design. These annual flowers are the drama queens of the garden, having boldly colored foliage or huge leaves with a tropical feel.

The Italian arum is a spectacular garden plant for any space that is half sun and half shade. In addition to that, they look great throughout the whole winter.

Variegated Solomon's seal is a classic perennial beauty for the woodland garden. Arching stems gracefully carry the white-edged foliage, a beautiful addition to a cut flower arrangement.

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