Plucked from the past

Job Site by: Landscape design - Brian Schatz , Stonework - Nelson Stoneworks

A unique outdoor living space gives the appearance of age, but boasts modern conveniences perfect for any situation

The backyard landscape ideas used by this homeowner include a dry creek bed, a design element that was included to physically separate the Farmhouse Ruin—a new outdoor living space designed to look like a crumbling structure—from the rest of the backyard.

Cushioned furniture creates an inviting outdoor living space in this new building. Nearby, a fireplace keeps the cool night air at bay.

To complement the aged look that this homeowner was striving to achieve, the stone building features blue antique Spanish doors the homeowner came across during her travels.

Tucked into a corner of this back yard, a stone structure complete with outdoor furniture and a fireplace offers a quiet retreat for these homeowners.

This outdoor living space features blue-stone flagstone floors and quartzite stone walls on two sides with a large stone fireplace as the focal point. Stone columns, slightly irregular so as to appear tumbled with age, help define the open walls.

Strategically placed outdoor lighting creates a soothing, inviting atmosphere at dusk in this outdoor living space.

A large stone fireplace serves as the focal point in this outdoor room. Furniture topped with outdoor cushions is scattered around, inviting guests to kick back and relax.

A stone sink paired with copper piping and an old style faucet draw eyes to a corner of this outdoor structure.

These homeowners decided to top off their outdoor living structure with cedar rafters rather than a traditional roof. This keeps the area form becoming too stuffy and allows guests to stargaze at night.

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