Respecting the past

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Cincinnati home's history instructs renovation plans for the future

Remodeled kitchens often feature a sleek design, but these homeowners decided to honor the history of their home, so they took original beams from a second-floor bedroom and installed them in the newly-built kitchen.

Despite paying homage to the home's history, the kitchen design doesn't sacrifice the convenient comforts of modern amenities.

A spacious living room off of the kitchen is a cozy spot for guests and homeowners alike to kick back and relax.

Windows abound in this quaint breakfast room allowing natural light to shine on morning breakfasters.

A striking blue chair, different in design than the rest of the others, offers the only color seen throughout the dining room.

These wine cabinets are made from wood taken from a 100-year-old barn to add to the antiquated feel evident throughout the rest of the house.

This 200-year-old house required many home improvement projects, this space in particular required the fireplace to be rebuilt due to crumbling brick.

Historic exposed supports were kept in tact in the dining room, demanding guests attention, while shocking blue furniture vies for the spotlight.

Home accessories are scattered around every room, adding to the historic aura. Accessories here blend in seamlessly with the shelving, which was created from wood from a 100-year-old barn.

The small powder room design honors the history still evident in this home by featuring a rustic mirror and stone vessel bowl.

Salvageable sections of brick are used as wine cabinets, adding to this home's historic charm.

These home remodelers seamlessly added 4,000 square feet of new construction to the 200-year-old home.

In a house that's interior is dominated by dark wood and rustic furnishings, a bright yellow cushion and colorful throw pillows on this window seat are a pleasant shock to the senses.

Chandeliers often bridge the gap between two eras, which is why the designer of this home chose to incorporate one into this master bedroom, to preserve the history of the 200-year-old home, while adding modern flair.

This quaint bedroom design features a small nook perfect for a writing desk or something similar.

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