Sustainability at home

A closer look at the next generation of green building practices in home design

SIPs, structural insulated panels, are used in home design and help create a tight envelope, with no thermal breaks to allow air to escape.

This illustration showing a home and surrounding landscape demonstrates how a geothermal heat pump pulls heat from the earth.

SIPs, structural insulated panels, are used in construction and are made of expanded polystyrene sandwiched between layers of oriented strand board.

The insulation used in this construction process is a climate-friendly, light density spray foam made from castor oil.

This home design boasts solar panels, which do not produce toxic fumes and help reduce harmful greenhouse gasses.

The AP series geothermal unit features an ECM motor and is rated highly efficient, the perfect addition to any green home design.

The mechanicals, including a geothermal heat pump, Rheem Marathon water heater and a heat recovery ventilator, are kept in the utility room of this Pittsburgh home design.

Modern home plans were used in this Pittsburgh home, like these solar panels which generate power.

A close up shot showing a tankless water heater, an often welcome addition to house plans due to its small size and efficiency.

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