Top design trends 2016

A collection of the top predicted design trends to be on the look for in 2016

Black or colored stainless steel is making big waves in new kitchen designs. Samsung offers a line of black stainless steel in a variety of appliances that they claim won't show smudges or pesky fingerprints.

Various shades of gray merge in this living room to create a calm, soothing atmosphere perfect for everything from an evening of entertaining to a cozy night in.

In a daring move that adds interest to the space, these homeowners decided to use multiple colors for their kitchen cabinets.

Dining rooms have long been considered a thing of the past, with casual dining taking the spotlight. Until now. Dining rooms are making a visible come back in home designs as more and more families are settling down to family meals.

Fireplace and fire pits, both indoors and out, are becoming the focal point of most living spaces, replacing large televisions and eliminating all of the distractions that a television offers.

Sure they're practical, but who says that bathroom mirrors can't be pretty, too? Nowadays, homeowners are interested in bathroom mirrors that double as statement pieces.

Incorporate furniture into your bathroom design to create a truly relaxing retreat that's perfect for the start or end of the day.

Throw pillows in calming pastel shades that go with everything might be practical, but these graphic throw pillows are a hot new trend that create an easy way to add a pop of personality.

The Pantone color of the year for 2016 is a blend of Rose Quartz and Serenity, a soothing combination that brings Hydrangea flowers to mind.

A mashup of building materials comes together to form one cohesive, individualized look in this living space.

More and more often, we're seeing bold patterns for floors, backsplashes or walls. These selections help to personalize homes and add a little extra spunk to any space.

Boasting clean lines and a minimalist features, this Scandinavian design style is one of this trends to watch for this year.

Family time is making a comeback in a big way, as evidenced by this fun living room design. It used to be that every living room boasted a television, and the bigger the better, but now homeowners are more interested in spending quality time with friends and family without technology hindering the experience.

Metallic wallpaper adds a little shine to this living space. Used as an accent piece, it can really dress up any room.

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