Top design trends 2017

A collection of the top predicted interior design trends for 2017

In addition to serving as a unique focal point, black built-ins offer plenty of storage space in this room.

Bright, bold and shiny, brass is making a big comeback in home design. Seen here and there throughout this bedroom, brass serves as sophisticated accents.

Nailhead detail adds a little something extra to the furniture in this living room. No longer simply used to apply fabric to furniture, designers are using nailhead detailing to jazz up their creations.

Sustainability is a hot trend in home design, and these solar glass tempered roof tiles are a perfect way to start harnessing energy from the sun.

More and more owners are looking toward natural materials when constructing and remodeling their homes.

A cork wall, like this accent wall seen here, is a wonderful way to display—and rotate—personal keepsakes.

Angles are still a hot trend in home design ideas, as evidenced by this area rug from Angela Adams.

A captivating marble pattern—one of the top design trends for 2017—is seen on this unique duvet cover.

Rather than just being used as borders, terracotta tiles are now being used to span a whole floor, giving the space a warm, earthy feel.

Going against the traditional stainless steel, this faucet boasts a clean white matte finish.

Moody and dramatic, Saffron Spice—a warm golden color—is aiming to become a hot accent or complimentary color.

A plush upholstered headboard softens this bedroom and creates another cozy space to snuggle against with a good book.

This space makes excellent use of a desert theme—a combination of soft desert colors and modern style that brings the peaceful, sandy landscape to mind.

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