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Exotic hardwoods add a unique touch to the flooring in any home

Beautiful, strong and environmentally friendly, Bamboo flooring seems to be popping up everywhere from your yoga studio to your bedroom.

Sapele is a highly prized furniture and cabinetry wood and is picking up popularity as a flooring choice. It has a fine texture, with an interlocked grain that is sometimes wavy.

In addition to being pleasing to the eye, Lapacho is a very safe wood with a Class A fire rating, making it a very dependable flooring option. It shares the same class of fire-retardant materials as steel.

Tigerwood flooring has a high strength rating, measuring in at 1,850, which is about 300 higher than most oaks.

Cumaru is a dense wood, varying in colors of brown, from tan to a reddish hue with some pieces also offering black accents. This wood undergoes very little color change due to sunlight, an uncommon quality for most exotic species, but a plus for owners looking for stable flooring ideas.

Becoming one of the most common types of residential flooring, bamboo offers homeowners a sleek, clean look with a variety of benefits.

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