What's cooking in kitchen appliances

Today's kitchen appliances are smart, seamless and silent

In addition to a sleek, chef-inspired design, this oven can be preheated remotely by an app or can alert you to when dinner is done cooking.

Whether single or double, Fisher & Paykel's DishDrawer becomes part of the kitchen's landscape as it can be seamlessly melded into the existing kitchen design.

Inspired by Italian design, the Viking Tuscany range is an architectural delight, combining modern technologies with old-world charm and sophistication.

Thermador offers a Freedom Collection Refrigerator, which boasts fresh food and freezer columns, wine columns and bottom-freezer refrigerators.

The Aga Total Control, available in two sizes, is a heat storage cooker which uses radiant heat that can be turned on or off with the touch of a button. They are also available in a wide range of color choices to spice up any kitchen design.

The Miele Convection Steam Oven is a convenient kitchen appliance for the busy, health-conscious chef, as it doesn't need to be pre-heated.

Kitchen designers are seeing a change in kitchen design ideas, from traditional side-by-side built-in refrigeration to built-in modular refrigeration.

The Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator comes with glass doors and triple evaporators, which allows each compartment to be adjusted separately.

The Bosch Benchmark dishwasher is just one of many brands on the market aimed at lowering noise pollution. This is accomplished by insulating the dishwasher from the noise inside.

The Samsung 4-Door Smart Refrigerator is the ultimate in the way of technology. It has an integrated 8-inch LCD touchscreen, designed to mirror the display of their Galaxy 5s and Note 3 onto the built-in screen on the fridge.

The Bosch electric cooktop is an excellent kitchen appliance for those looking to cook on low temperatures or simmer.

Induction cooktops are gaining popularity in kitchen designs, like the Trimless Induction Cooktop from Thermador. Induction cooktops allow changes in temperature to be achieved rapidly; you can boil water in as little as 90 seconds.

The Sub-Zero 30-inch Integrated Refrigerator with Cabinet Panels brings together kitchen appliances and storage. Along with both freezer and fridge space, this appliance offers nearby shelving units for convenience in the kitchen.

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