Open up and say Ahh

Celebrate the summer holidays in style with these envy-inspiring home decorating ideas and tips

For a quick recipe sure to be a crowd-pleaser during the summer holidays, try something like this scrumptious Strawberry Shortcake by Chef Travis Ellis. Find the recipe on the Housetrends blog.

Go all-out for the outdoor table decorations this year. Use eye-catching place mats and paper products to wow guests. A simple way to keep the table from becoming over-crowded is to set cutlery in empty glasses, guests can easily remove them when they are ready to eat or drink.

Don't be afraid to take china outside in nicer weather. It adds an elegant touch to your outdoor living area and gives guests a refreshing break from paper plates.

Rather than scattering beverages all over a designated outdoor table, try putting together a small tray with all of the fixings, ready to go. It will be easy for guests to sidle up to the table and grab a glass, straw and beverage.

Take the party to an outdoor living space and enjoy the gorgeous summer weather while it lasts. Use funky glasses to mix up the traditional and add a little unexpected color to the area.

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