Homearama 2013 Chateau D'Avoise master bedroom

Job Site by: Designer - Jenny Lynn Wynne , Home Builder - Justin Doyle

Designer Jenny Lynn Wynne incorporated several of-the-moment elements in a way that won't get old. Wynne used a popular reddish-purple color ("Blackberry" by Sherwinn Williams) on just one focal wall, then picked up the shade on throw pillows, armchairs and artwork.

Bedroom furniture in this master bedroom features a mansion bed, side tables, dresser and mirror in washed finishes and heavily carved wood.

When shopping for bedroom furniture, the choice of a headboard often dictates the style of the room.

The bedroom furniture in this master bedroom is a cross between timeless accessories with a progressive feel, allowing the homeowners to stay in sync with current styles without having to remodel every few years.

Floral-patterned throw pillows accompany the sofa seen in the bedroom, adding an English vibe to the room.

On-trend touches that bridge classic and fresh in this master bedroom include the tufted-back linen sofa, the 5-inch-wide engineered wood flooring and a lattice-like pattern on the upholstery of the armchairs and throw pillows.

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