The six secrets of a container garden

Six ideas for starting a container garden on your patio, deck or porch

When creating a container garden try adding a plethora of different garden flowers with varying heights and colors.

It's all about location, location, location when putting together a garden design, whether that be a traditional garden or simply a container garden. How much sun or shade reaches your pre-selected location will restrict the kinds of plants and flowers that will thrive in the space.

Be creative when choosing flower pots for a garden. Plastic and fiberglass are portable and lightweight for an easy transition inside, but maybe consider something more durable if it is going to stay outside all winter.

Use a mixture of peat moss, sand and store-bought garden soil when creating a container garden. Avoid using soil from the ground or garden due to the high risk of insects or pesticides.

Placing garden plants in a colorful flower pot is an easy way to cheer up a front porch or back patio.

When using flower pots it is important to have drainage holes in the bottom, which alleviates the problem of root rot.

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