DPVA 2017 Designers' Show House

Come see the DPVA 2017 Designers' Show House, held at The Delco Lofts! The show runs from June 14th-June 25th.

2017 DPVA Designers' Show House cover

Monday-Saturday 11a.m.-7p.m.
Sunday 12p.m.-5p.m.


Know before you go! Check out all of the designers that will be transforming the lofts:

Loft Number One:
Sharon Bledsoe Designs

  • Sharon Bledsoe

David Fair Interiors

  • David Fair

Loft Number Two:
JB Adaptations

  • Jane Barlow

Central Carpet & Interiors

  • Vicki Saunders

Loft Number Three:
Centerville Design & Associates

  • Renee Beerck
  • Barbara Wagar
  • Pam Brown
  • Kelly Heid
  • Kari Cales
  • Fay Pearson

Loft Number Four:
Decorating Den Interiors

  • Julie Cochran
  • Abby Dahlinghaus-Connell

Loft Number Five:
ID Cincinnati

  • Jackie Dunn

Loft Number Six:

  • Winnie Cleavenger

Loft Number Seven:
Luken Interiors

  • Randy Luken
  • Jon Blunt
  • Ashley Powell
  • Brigid Ashworth
  • Lori Wilke

Loft Number Eight:
Bello Design Group

  • Cal Weigold Jr.-Discerning Eye
  • Christi Crawford-Crawford & Co.
  • Kent Shaw-Kenton Shaw Design

Loft Number Nine:
Ivy Designs

  • Molly Williams

Loft Number Ten:
Vintage Scout

  • Debbie Basnett

Loft Number Eleven:
Cini's Interiors

  • Cini Geist

Loft Number Twelve:
KDG Designs

  • Kim Girz

Loft Number Thirteen:
Today's Home Interiors

  • Linda Haines
  • Vicki Boggs
  • Kit Wymer
  • Valerie Reiter

Loft Number Fourteen:
J.P. Stuart Interiors

  • John P. Stuart

Loft Number Fifteen:
Alacarte Designs

  • Jeanne Behm

Loft Number Sixteen:
Sinclair College

  • Diana Leakas & Sinclair College students

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