Landscape ideas go out of the ordinary

Written by: Sue Trusty

When I take a look around my neighborhood, I see the same plant palette and landscape ideas repeated over and over: Red maple, ornamental pear and crabapple trees; Boxwoods, yews, and burning bushes; Daylilies, hosta and rudbeckia. While these well-adapted favorites may be attractive and reliable, it’s downright boring to see the same plants used so repetitively.

Our dry summers and unpredictable winters can be hard on landscape plants, perhaps leading people to think that only a few dozen tough species can be reliably grown here. This attitude leads to the over-planting of narrow selection plants. It’s time to break out of the mold and plant something different!

We asked plant experts from our local parks and botanical gardens to recommend some foolproof plants that are not so common. These plants are rock-solid selections for our climate, yet a bit out of the ordinary. And although they may be less well known, they are available at better plant nurseries. It’s well worth seeking them out to add a little variety to the landscape.

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