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H&M Landscaping, near Cleveland Ohio, was established by Mark Mazzurco as a residential maintenance company. Through hard work and customer satisfaction, it has grown to a landscape installation firm, where we put our clients’ needs first.

In 1990, Joe and Mike Mazzurco were brought on board to assure quality control and assist in managing our company's rapid growth. In 1995, we branched out to cover all of Greater Cleveland with an increased focus on landscape design services. This allows our company to take you from the initial design phases all the way through the construction of your new outdoor living space. At H&M Landscaping, our goal is to exceed our clients highest expectations the first time.



10389 Kinsman Road
Newbury, OH 44065


3 Acorn Dr.
Oakwood, OH 44146


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H&M Landscaping creates dream outdoor space

H&M Landscaping, an award-winning full-service landscape and landscape design company, recently completed a total overhaul of the outdoor living areas at a home in the Cleveland area. To learn more about the details of this amazing project, we caught up with Mark Mazzurco, owner of H&M, for a Q&A. Housetrends: What were the homeowners’ goals ...more

Another H&M Landscaping Beautiful Backyard Transformation

Content provided by H&M Landscaping H&M is just finishing up the final touches of this large project. We removed an old deck from the house and then started with a clean slate. The first step was to install the new Composite decking. We used TimberTech brand decking – the color chosen by our customer was ...more

Homeowners Have New, Fun Outdoor Spaces to Enjoy

                Content provided by H&M Landscaping When a wood deck and a stone patio began to show their age, owners of a home in Bainbridge, Ohio, called the veteran designers at H&M Landscaping to reimagine their outdoor living space. The homeowners wanted to enjoy the view and also ...more

Springtime Bulbs Give Way to Summer’s Flowers

Content provided by William Keach, Senior Designer for H&M Landscaping One sure sign that spring is springing is when the first crocus sticks its head above ground to gauge the snow depth. Soon followed by daffodils, hyacinth, narcissus and tulips, everyone loves spring blooming bulbs. If you didn’t get your bulbs in the ground last ...more

When the Snow Flies, Smart Buyers Buy

Content provided by William Keach, Senior Designer for H & M Landscaping There’s a foot of white stuff in the driveway. Drifts of snow curl around pine and spruce. The roads are edged with blackened slush. Howling winds take the shine right off your shoes. It’s that time of year – January and February – ...more

A Landscaping Plan Keeps the Lake in Sight

A view of the water is probably the most prized possession of any homeowner who is fortunate enough to live near it.   That certainly was the case when H&M Landscaping was recently hired to completely renovate a sizable back yard, whose most prominent feature was a long slope from the home to a 3-acre ...more

Replacing a Deck With a Patio

Before Barb Burns and her family could enjoy the wonderful space that their new back yard patio would become, it seems that they first had to walk across some water.   The tale begins with their decision in 2005 to replace an aging wood deck with one constructed of a weather-resistant composite decking product. This ...more

Five Trends Sparking Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

This time of the year makes it easy to understand the growing popularity of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, when winter’s cold would otherwise make a pretty strong argument for hunkering indoors. But Mark Mazzurco of H & M Landscaping sees this surge of interest as much more than the need to deliver creature comforts. ...more

Landscape News, Tips and Advice from H&M Landscaping

Landscape Material Recycling
Joseph Wilks, Landscape Designer/Sales

With the start of the new year upon us, one of the greatest impacts that you can make to better the environment is to recycle! If you have not started this practice, why not make it a resolution for this year? When applied to your landscaping, recycling can extend to many materials used in and around the house. A good example would be recycled materials for decks, such as composites. Local municipalities will occasionally have pavers from old streets that have been repaired and then sold to the public. These pavers could be used for inlays and other retro designs. Every little bit that one person can do is a benefit for the environment and can be a sustainable way improve your landscaping.

Winter Preparation for Plantings
Joseph Wilks, Landscape Designer/Sales

These past few weeks have been a wonderful break for the typical December winter weather in Ohio. With temperatures staying in the 50s and above freezing during the nights, continue to water your landscape at least once a week. A nice drink before the winter hibernation would be ideal for your landscape plants. Since the soil has not started to freeze yet, nutrients are still available to provide a quick start in the spring.

Before the harsh temperatures become prominent, consider removal of plant material in pots. If the pots and the plants they contain are exposed to low winter temperatures, the plants can freeze and perish. They can be transferred to a landscape bed and mulched in to help over winter them. After the plants and soil have been removed from the containers, any concrete pots should be sealed, covered and stored for the winter. Alternatively, potted plants can be moved into an attached garage or a heated shed where temperatures will remain above freezing.

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10389 Kinsman Road
Newbury, OH 44065

3 Acorn Dr.
Oakwood, OH 44146

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