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Woodland garden a refreshing retreat

This owner’s backyard ideas include creating a path in the landscape to enable guests to wander through the foliage without disturbing any of the plants.

These landscaping stones provide a good break in a flat area that leads up to a large garden and surrounding woodlands.

The stone architecture of this period home sets the tone for the design of the yard and the garden plants.

Most backyard landscaping ideas focus on how to have a large available patio space and still highlight selective portions of plant life in the far reaches of the yard, but this couple wanted their natural landscape to take center stage and devoted most of the area surrounding their home to plant life.

Garden sheds show the dirty work behind the finished project, and this couple is no exception. Their shed shows the signs of hard work as they use multiple tools and products to keep their extensive garden thriving.

Garden flowers planted in this extensive area include about 50 native spring woodland wildflowers.

Delve into the area surrounding the Gebhardt's Pennsylvania home, which, with all of the lovingly planted flowers, trees and painstakingly cleared walking paths, outstrips any stereotypical yard.

The owner of this ravine and surrounding garden did a different sort of landscaping with rocks by building a few check dams with large rocks to slow the flow of storm water.

Garden ideas employed by this homeowner include a resourceful attractive method of mulching around a tree; pinecones will also deter critters from digging.

These homeowners employ a unique kind of garden fencing, rather than have a visible fence surrounding the plants they merely have a rustic-looking gate at the very edge of the garden that filters visitors through.

The charming rustic atmosphere and open garden design takes visitors to this home for a turn back in time.

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