Paradise in Beach Park

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Creative design convert back yard to Eden

An outdoor kitchen is just a few steps away from this soothing space, making it the ideal location for outdoor entertainment.

This Koi pond features a school of orange and white fish as well as black and yellow fish from Hawaii.

The landscape ideas used in this backyard include beds filled with lush vegetation that soften the stone surrounding each water feature.

Despite the fact that it's an enclosed space, plants and flowers are scattered all around this backyard landscape, creating a more natural feel for the area.

This backyard landscape is filled with all kinds of colorful tropical plants, including white plumeria and bromeliads.

Standing above the lily pond offers a great view of the three water features that make up this exotic outdoor living space.

Landscaping rocks help to define the ponds in this backyard and create layered visual interest.

Hot tubs, and their designs, often vary depending on the taste of the homeowners and the surroundings. These owners, for instance, decided that despite being in an enclosed space, they were going to bring the vegetation in and work it into the design.

The three water features in this backyard design sport a variety of pond plants, this upper one showcases a waterfall and day-blooming water lilies.

Due to these homeowners habit of raising Koi, something that they have been doing for nearly five years, this backyard features a large koi pond.

A garden bench creates a quaint seating area that serves as a quiet place for these homeowners to take in the soothing sanctuary that they have created behind their home.

Garden decor, such as this frog statue, is strategically placed throughout this outdoor living space.

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