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Job Site by: Architect - Scott Geresey , Interior designer - Diane Carter Simon , Landscape architect - Mike Mulligan , Pool - Landmark Pools

Dade City family creates the ultimate backyard retreat

These dark dining room design ideas are a shock in comparison to the tropical getaway created by the pool, hot tub and lounge chairs nearby.

Many of the traditional indoor kitchen ideas were brought out to this cabana including a hood, grill, bar area and a formal dining room.

Outdoor kitchens and their appliances vary based on the whims of the homeowners and this kitchen is decked out to the nines with a custom copper hood.

This outdoor livingroom, despite its open wall, is air conditioned and features a 15 degree temperature drop under the roof.

This cabana and its design go against the traditional tropical décor most often seen in Florida, instead it reflects the French Normandy home design seen in the main house.

The landscape ideas for this vast outdoor wonderland include a few flowers and plants scattered here and there, but the area mainly uses its natural surrounding landscape.

These outdoor patio ideas include a small poolside table, perfect for sitting down with friends or family to enjoy a cocktail.

An indoor fountain is a daring home decorating idea, but this one actually connects the theme of the old-world style of the cabana and the bodies of water bubbling just outside the doors.

In addition to adding comfort to typically hard furniture, outdoor cushions can also help to dress the area up at the owner’s discretion.

This outdoor living area is a three-sided cabana that boasts air conditioning, a kitchen, dining room and even an exercise room.

This home’s patio ideas include quaint tables for casual outdoor dining and plenty of lounge chairs to just kick back and enjoy the day.

Without any towering objects nearby to block out the sun, this outdoor furniture is positioned perfectly to absorb the sun’s warming rays.

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