Kitchen renovation takes a note from history

Written by: Karen Bradner

Aside from the incredibly wealthy, there are very few of us who might consider an eight-bedroom, six-bath, 6,000-square-foot house a “starter” home. These specifications sound more along the lines of a grand place one might hope to own after a handful of residential trade-ups. But one slightly unconventional, middle class couple decided to avoid the traditional path and instead started where they planned to finish.

It all makes a bit more sense when you learn that Scott and Kim Smyth moved eight times early in the first 4½ years of their marriage. Professional reassignments for Scott meant frequent moves that took the Smyths on a tour of several states and a foreign country or two. The couple rented apartments in each of these locations with life moving along just fine until the day that Scott’s launch of a year-long assignment in Japan coincided with the news that Kim was expecting their first child.

So Kim stayed put in Virginia while Scott checked in from thousands of miles away. Once that challenging year was finished, the couple knew it was time to return to their Southwestern Ohio roots and plant themselves permanently.

“It was always our goal to have our first house be our last house,” says Scott.

Resources: Kitchen designer: Cathy Osborne, Auer Kitchens; Contractor: Brian McFarland, Brian Builds; Cabinetry: Shamrock Cabinets; Flooring: Original ceramic tile; Countertops: Granite in Shivikashi Gold, NK Stone; Backsplash: Original white crackle-finish subway tile; Sinks: 14-gauge hammered copper farmhouse sink, ECOSINKS; original German silver sink; Oven/range: CornuFé 110, LaCornue; Hood: Custom hammered copper, Vogler Copper Works; Refrigerator: KitchenAid; Lighting: Original; Windows/doors: Original; Ceiling: Original pressed tin

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